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Business Benefits

PushNote’s app empowers businesses to send (and consumers to receive) notifications, data, coupons, promotions and videos using Apple’s latest iBeacon, Google Eddystone and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies.

What is a Nearby Notification?

A Nearby Notification shows when a user pulls their screen down to open their Android phone, or open their notification shade. It looks like a regular notification, but it’s only visible as long as the phone is within reach of the Eddystone beacon that broadcasts the message.

Just like a radio, the Bluetooth beacon can broadcast one notification at a time. But it is possible to send out different notifications on different times. And different notifications for different languages.

Don’t users get crazy of all these notifications?

A phone will not ring or vibrate, as it’s not a text message or call. It is seen when the user pulls their screen down to open their phone. An avarage user does this 40+ times a day.

On what phones does it work?

Nearby Notifications will only show up on Android phones, from version 4.4 and up. This is a huge market share.

How about spam and legislation?

This is not considered spam, because Nearby Notifications are a feature in the Android Operating System. The first time a user encounters a beacon they are asked if they wish to see the message the device is trying to send them. Most people allow this, and now they have opted in for future messages from all devices. A user can turn this off at any time, so it’s up to you to give them a good reason to stay connected.




Shopping Experience



Marketing Insights

Landing Pages and Apps

Stream Content
In Realtime


What can I do with this?

The PushNote Platform is a Swiss knife to create proximity campaigns and content for any type of business. The customer hospitality industry, stores, real estate, expositions, events. You name it.

Create scenarios with push notifications and content. Triggered by the GPS position of a smartphone or their proximity to a Bluetooth beacon

How Does It Work?

People download the FREE app and enter the code — or scan the QR — created for the event or location.

Content will show and in the background Bluetooth beacon and geofence scenarios are loaded. People will now receive notifications based on their location or proximity to objects.

Proximity Beacons for Retail

Proximity Beacons for Auto Dealerships

What is PushNote?

PushNote helps businesses enrich their customers experience by delivering relevant mobile Ads based on context, proximity, location and business type. Unlike many existing GPS based systems, PushNote uses the latest iBeacon and other technologies, which is more location accurate. It helps businesses to increase revenues, branding and customer loyalty.

What Is Proximity Marketing?

Proximity Marketing refers to making targeted offers to consumers based on their profile as well as their proximity to a store or a specific product. It has tremendous revenue-producing potential by allowing retailers to deepen their connection with consumers, encourage more loyalty and improve the customer experience.


A complete mobile presence solution

A powerful new set of capabilities designed specifically for mobile presence marketing. Whether you want to deliver highly relevant mobile experiences to in-store shoppers or increase the effectiveness of your digital advertising efforts, PushNote’s intuitive design and advanced feature set will help you take your marketing to a whole new level.

A new and ownable data layer for retailers

Data-driven personalization is becoming increasingly important for retail survival, and mobile presence is the fuel that will make it happen. PushNote’s platform enables retailers to take advantage of this unique capability to create an ownable consumer behavioral data asset that can be used to power more relevant marketing and service interactions at every touchpoint.

inmarket-mobile-beacon-heroProximity Marketing Perfected

Everything you need to transform your brick and mortar locations into a strategic digital asset. With easy to use tools for controlling location signals and enabling more impactful engagement with a variety of mobile audiences in your stores, PushNote is empowering retail operations teams to create even greater value across the enterprise.

Proximity marketing gives businesses the ability to reach and engage customers when they are in or near your establishment. It provides compelling, relevant, timely offers that motivate. According to a recent IBM study, 72% of consumers will act on a call to action if they receive it while in site of the retailer.

Ever wanted your own private advertising hotspot?

Well, we are your answer to wirelessly distribute video, music, images, promotions, advertisements to customers within the proximity of your business.

GeoTargeted Push Alerts to phones – Present real-time targeted offers – Enhance loyalty programs – Up-sell – Push a call to action – Learn what works best – Encourage trial of new items – Alert customers of promos.

Connect and receive real time information about users on your network. Receive direct feedback on sale campaigns and lead generations. Analyze important data from basic to advanced analytics and metrics as well as deliver content on demand. Once content is downloaded it can easily be redistributed on social media outlets. Also our remote software enables control over campaigns on your ad wifi server from any location, such as photos, videos, files, coupons, promotions or music.


The PushNote Proximity solution transforms any business establishment into an interactive destination. PushNote Proximity Marketing turns new or existing WiFi hotspots into “WiFi Beacons” that empower organizations to engage customers on their mobile phones at the critical moment they approach a location, at certain points during their visit, or just after they’ve left.

Brick and mortar locations are now the new digital channel.

Proximity-based marketing with beacons is gathering incredible momentum in the market, and research indicates that consumers are highly motivated to participate.

$10 billion

By 2018 approximately $10 billion in advertising / marketing spending to be touched or directly affected by indoor location, (versus less than $3 billion today).  (Opus)

8% to 85%

In 2014, 8% of the top 100 U.S. retailers were using beacons to some degree.  In 2016 that number is expected to be 85%.  (BI Intelligence)


If provided with something the customer considers valuable, 88% would share their location.  Privacy is still important, but providing value is the key.  (Opus)

PushNote Proximity Marketing

The online world benefits from a proliferation of analytics, and highly targeted marketing opportunities as a result. But the majority of revenue in most customer-facing industries still comes from bricks and mortar locations, and until now this part of the business has been “offline”. PushNote Proximity changes all that.



Detect the customer on their smartphone at the critical moment they enter the establishment.  Detect them at all of the organization’s locations.

Location Analytics

Gain valuable insight into customer visits, walk-bys, and dwell time – integrate to combine this data with an individual’s demographics and purchase history.  Target customers and optimize operations based
on these insights.


Drive loyalty and incremental revenue with proximity-based coupons and engagements that are timely and relevant. Create Coupons, catalogs and give reward points to recurring customers

Industry Solutions

PushNote Proximity has been created to address the specific needs of malls, retail stores, entertainment venues, quick serve & coffee shops, transportation hubs, realtors, financial institutions, and hotels.

QR Codes


Quick Response (QR) codes are ideal for spontaneous and interactive engagements with consumers.  Using PushNote’s campaign analytics and advanced URL tracking capabilities, our clients can leverage QR codes to measure effectiveness of different types of campaigns.

How it works for Shop Owners?

Attract customers into your store with fresh, relevant and latest deals.

Step 1

Place a Smart Beacon at your business location

Step 2

Subscribe to our Web Console to create digital content

Step 3

Notify customers and deliver the content when they walk into your store

So, an opted-in customer is entering the store…. now what?

Customers can be reached on their smartphone any number of ways, While PushNote Proximity can reach a user by pushing a message to a Smartphone app, it can also reach consumers using text messaging through our TXTFox [SMS and MMS] System, the most effective mobile message delivery technology.

1.8 trillion

Global A2P SMS (sent or received by businesses) currently represents 20% of all SMS globally – and it’s growing.  A2P SMS is expected to increase from 1.4 trillion messages in 2013 to 1.8 trillion messages in 2018.  (Portio Research)



24% of marketing emails are opened within the first hour.  This means that if email is used for proximity-based marketing, a staggering 76% of visitors will receive their offer long after they’ve left the physical location.  By contrast, Push Notes and SMS enjoys a 90%-95% open rate in the first 3 minutes. (eConsultancy)

19% vs 4.2%

The average click through rate (CTR) of URLs included in SMS messages is 19%, compared to just 4.2% CTR for Emails. (TextBoard and Mailchimp)

Our goal is to bring transparency to all sides of the mobile advertising industry.

Clients choose PushNote Proximity Marketing because we get real results – new leads and sales. After 20+ years in business, our success stems from understanding B2B industries and knowing how to connect with online audiences. We’re committed to advancing your company growth.

From accounting and financial services to manufacturing companies, we captivate potential buyers and customers and get them to connect with our clients. You are innovators, engineers and problem solvers at heart. Your story is unique, and possibly decades old. But how convincing is your online brand? We will work with you to capitalize on your biggest asset – knowledge – to generate the right leads and new business.


How Does It Work?

People download the FREE app and enter the code — or scan the QR — created for the event or location.

Content will show and in the background Bluetooth beacon and geofence scenarios are loaded. People will now receive notifications based on their location or proximity to objects.






Beacon and Region technology: the latest development in retail marketing will be a boon for both shoppers and store owners, and will result in consumer savings and increased merchant sales. This is the future of advertising. Get on board!


We are a leader in sms, email, push and proximity marketing. We give you the platform to create landing pages and online mobile applications that gives you full control over creative and deployment!



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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